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Link Juice App – my new favourite SEO tool app

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Tools are a big part of my work – they make everyday tasks easier to manage and they also help with more complex tasks like link analysis which can sometimes take a few days (and then some) if done manually. I’m always on the lookout for software that will assist with campaign management and am very grateful for those that have developed gadgets and gizmos that help me to extract the information I need.

I bought an iPhone because ...

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Google Search Stories

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After seeing this great post from Lisa Barone yesterday I was inspired to have a little play around with Google’s new little toy, Search Stories. My first effort is a little self indulgent  (and rubbish) but hey….

However, I can see the benefit of using this software for capturing data for mini presentations (or even for keyword reports LOL). I guess if you wanted to show someone the benefit of universal search for a topic then it’s a ...

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Five reasons why Think Visibility rocked

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Another ThinkVisibility has come and gone and yet again it was a conference packed with excellent speakers and contacts from the SEO world. I thought I learnt a lot last time, but I came away with 20 pages of notes and a head bursting with plans and ideas yesterday which to me was worth every penny of the ticket price and then some. There were some truly outstanding presentations and I’m only sorry that I couldn’t attend ...
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Why have WordPress defaulted to the privacy option?

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I’ve set up and managed quite a few self-hosted WordPress sites over the past year or so and have been impressed how quickly they have been indexed. However, I’ve noticed that a couple of my sites were not appearing in Google, even after I’d posted several quality articles. It wasn’t until doing a little housekeeping on one of the sites that I noticed that the option for indexing in the search engines had somehow defaulted to “I would ...
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