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11 Great WordPress Plugins for Video

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WordPress is a fantastic blogging and content management system but there are ways to make it even better by using the right plugins. The ability to upload video and other multimedia is becoming a necessity for many and whether you are just looking for a quick and simple way to embed a Youtube or Vimeo video into a post or need a more complex solution for your WP video goals, there’s probably a plugin ...

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Why have WordPress defaulted to the privacy option?

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I’ve set up and managed quite a few self-hosted WordPress sites over the past year or so and have been impressed how quickly they have been indexed. However, I’ve noticed that a couple of my sites were not appearing in Google, even after I’d posted several quality articles. It wasn’t until doing a little housekeeping on one of the sites that I noticed that the option for indexing in the search engines had somehow defaulted to “I would ...
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