It’s Not All About YouTube : Alternative Video Platforms

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By Carla Marshall

Unless you are a seasoned internet video poster, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is only one website for this sort of thing and that’s YouTube. Admittedly YouTube is the most popular video site powering way ahead of its competitors with approximately 450,000,000 unique visits a month!


Dependent on where you are in the world, other video sites are also proving very popular with businesses and video marketers. Hulu is a great site for movies and television but is currently only available in the U.S.A.

Another popular site and the third most visited of all the video sites is The Daily Motion, which might sound like something you’d rather not be aware of but is actually a site similar to YouTube which gets about 27,000,000 unique hits a month. We like this site as its categories are really easy to navigate and their daily viral is a great summary of what’s on the video news block this week.

If you are a video maker as opposed to just observer, Vimeo has to be the best site by far to share your creative outputs. Described as a respectful community for sharing, Vimeo offers the best video tools in the universe – their words not ours!

Of course there is still MySpace and though people may snigger and say ‘MyWho?’, Myspace still commands a massive amount of traffic and has a great music focus for bands and small business.

For business, you can share your videos on Facebook & Twitter, your own blog or website, Tumblr and Google+. Get a great video doing the social media rounds and you stand a much better chance of it going viral.

Other great video websites include Metacafe, Vivi, LiveLeak, Videobash and If you are looking for platforms to share your video clips etc, these are all excellent choices.

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