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So, we all know Google loves a well made, interesting and relevant video and will reward you with a long term, pretty high (perhaps the highest) ranking within it’s search pages for making the effort. We also know that video is a fantastic way of keeping visitors on your site longer, which again, Google will reward.

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All very positive news for SEOs and site owners, but are you really squeezing everything you can out of that video? Here are some more ideas to make that content work as hard as possible for you:

Transcribe the audio

If your video has a voice over, you’re missing a huge quick win if don’t use the script as a standalone feature. Using a service like, or finding people via oDesk, you can easily get that voice over transcribed into text which can be used in a number of ways.  For instance, if you are hosting the video on your site (and if you aren’t WHY NOT? Just embed the YouTube video you have already uploaded), then you can add the text below the video. Not only does this provide the user with extra content but it also gives the search engines a focus for the page, and that’s good for rankings. You can also offer the text/transcription as a downloadable pdf file.

Turn the audio into a podcast

If the voice over works without the images, then consider turning the audio file into a podcast.

Use various screenshots as images

Take screenshots from the video to support the text content or to upload to your account on Flickr – remember the alt tags!


Why not turn the images/text into a powerpoint presentation and create inbound links by uploading to sites like


Use the YouTube annotations feature to add extra commentary to your videos. These are great for adding value to the video, or adding extra thought etc after the video has been made.

Video is here to stay and thank goodness for that as it’s a very powerful medium for any marketing campaign. Re-purposing video content into many other mediums will give you many extra opportunities for brand building, attracting inbound links, distribution via social media, emails and newsletters so really take the time to investigate how hard your video content can really work for you.

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  1. Gabby  November 8, 2011

    Ah, i see. Well that’s not too ticrky at all!”

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