Optimising YouTube Descriptions – Video SEO Tips

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Hi, and welcome to the first in our series of really quick video seo tips that you can put into action today! The first one is all about YouTube descriptions and why you are missing a trick if you are not using them.



Video Transcript:

YouTube gives you approximately 5000 characters to use in your description area and it’s a fantastically useful space to promote your brand, service or your product just that bit further.

Some nice examples here, there’s a car review and the video maker has placed a link to a page on their site a landing page on their site that carries on that review, so a really nice strong call to action
‘Lush’ have included a link to a petition that people can sign if they feel strongly enough about the issues involved in the video they’ve just watched on the Lush Channel. Again, a really strong call to action there.

This is a great one from ‘Weetabix’ – they have links to social media networks and even included a Twitter hashtag which is fantastic! That’s just above the fold and below the fold, more links to social networking sites, their home page, and just a little bit of information about the campaign itself.

This isn’t so great from ‘Tesco’. A really poor use of the descriptive area I think they haven’t even made their link clickable – so really, no use at all to Tesco! I bet their click through rate back to their site is really bad…..

Just a few hints and tips – make the most of the descriptive area and join us next time for some more tips!

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