With the right Pay-Per-Click campaign, you can drive targeted traffic to your website and boost your conversion rate, whether your goal is to increase sales or generate more leads. WindowBox Media can help you create a successful PPC strategy and campaign that will target your ideal customer base. With many years of experience in the field of PPC, we will establish a new Pay Per Click campaign for your company or take over existing campaigns.

The beauty of PPC lies in its detailed reporting and tracking system, so your campaign can be monitored closely and results regularly achieved. Our team can help you understand these PPC reports so you can track your ROI and understand how your budget is being spent. As accredited experts in PPC, we can also offer training to your staff so that they are able to comfortably and successfully manage your ad campaign. We are happy to offer tuition and ongoing support as your campaign is established.



There are so many advantages to using PPC services as part of your online marketing strategy. Pay-Per-Click is an important part of online marketing and for new and established websites can generate faster much results than organic listings. Some of the things WindowBox will do to create and grow your paid search campaigns are:

• Research: Targeting the right keywords is the basis of any sound PPC campaign and we ensure that you only reach the client base you need to.

• Targeting traffic: Our thorough keyword and industry research means that you reach an audience that is genuinely searching for your information, product, business or cause. This traffic is much more likely to convert and return.

• Great Ads: A compelling, enticing, informative PPC advert is incredibly important and making sure your description is compatible to your bids and your landing page is crucial. We create great ads that really attract those customer clicks.

• Testing: We continually test to make sure your keywords, ads and other settings are always working for your benefit.

• Conversions: We design your ads to boost targeted traffic and sales.  We also track and monitor PPC conversion data regularly to ensure the campaigns are providing ROI.

• Landing Pages: We ensure that landing pages are compatible with your PPC aims to achieve better results.

• Tracking: We track conversions and understand which keyphrases, landing pages, and short ad descriptions drive traffic and create clicks. Our team can help you understand the nature of your PPC reports.

• Make Changes: WindowBox Media can help you analyse and understand your Pay-Per-Click campaign and help you to understand the changes we make and why.

To discuss the Pay-Per-Click campaign that will work for your business, contact WindowBox today. We will be happy to consult with you about your online marketing needs.

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