SEO Copywriting

Great copy should engage, motivate and convince each reader. The content you use, be it for your website, online marketing campaign, social media or one to one client communication is an extension of your brand and getting it just right will encourage people to trust and use your product.

At WindowBox Media, our copywriting services include:

  • Full website content
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Article Marketing
  • Editing
  • SEO based copy

Professional copywriters are a flexible bunch! Our job is to represent a company’s individual character and to appeal to the clients you want to work with. You can count on us to create perfect copy that maintains the style and ethics of your business whilst being creative, memorable and unique.

The right copy is a powerful marketing tool and can:

Attract search engines to your site and increase online visibility

Engage clients with informative but natural content

Perfect the layout of your site whilst maintaining the best readability

Appeal to new customers quickly and concisely

Create the best impression of your business online

Naturally motivate people to use your product

If you love to write and feel you are the person to best represent your business, use our editing services. Our fine eye for detail and internet knowledge will make sure your words are attractive not only to customers but also to search engines.

Contact us today to discuss our copywriting packages.

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