SEO Project Management with Evernote & Raven Tools

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By Carla Marshall

I’ve already written about my love of using Evernote for SEO project management, and that hasn’t changed in my three years as a premium user. However, as an SEO, I also work with a number of other applications and it’s sometimes quite the challenge to co-ordinate everything to ensure that I’m working as efficiently as possible.  However, I seem to have found a system that works for me, and as I’m always being asked about how I run multiple SEO campaigns and still have a life, I thought I’d share it with you :-) But first, a little explanation about the tools I use:

Raven Tools

I’d taken advantage of the free trial for Raven a couple of times in the past but it wasn’t until an agency I worked with expected me to use it as the main system for tracking and co-ordinating a marketing campaign that I knuckled down to learn what its capable of. There have been hundreds of blog posts dedicated to how it works, which I’ve found amazingly helpful but it’s really come into its own for me regarding task management & reporting.


Ahh, the ever wonderful Evernote. Available across a huge range of platforms for free or you can invest in the premium version for a few pounds a year.  See my previous blog post for how I use it.


Yes it’s Google blah blah blah but it’s my email client of choice and keeps getting better and better.

Pen & paper, Excel, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Notepad….

The usual stuff – pretty much indispensable on a daily basis

How I put it all together:

This is going to be more of an overview than a step by step guide to setting up and running a campaign but I hope it gives you some ideas about co-ordination and putting it all together………….

All documents relating to the client including research, reports, fresh content, ideas, link opportunities, contact details etc are kept in a folder in Evernote so they can be retrieved at any time from whatever PC or phone I’m using. Raven Tools is set up with access to the client’s Google Analytics account and a list of keywords to track. Links are set up to be automatically imported as they are indexed, and, if applicable, Facebook and Twitter accounts are also tracked.  As there isn’t a notes feature in Raven (that I’ve found) I have set up each client with a task list that is updated when any work is done on the campaign. This makes it much, much easier to compile a summary for the end of month report.

Meanwhile, over on Gmail…..

Like many in internet marketing, I do a huge amount of R&D to keep up with the latest algo changes or new ideas. I’m very active on Twitter, Facebook and various SEO forums and I also subscribe to a huge number of SEO, PPC, CRO and Affliate Marketing blogs. However, the amount of information whirling about on a daily can be truly deafening so I email myself anything I want to read and archive it in a Gmail folder, along with all the daily blog posts (thank God for filters).  Then, once a week – or whenever I have a spare 10 mins – I go through the emails and either read or discard the articles depending on their nature.  Any tips, solutions or great ideas get jotted down on Notepad and then transferred to a special notebook on Evernote for each client which I call ‘Monthly Project Plans’. These ideas then feed into the current campaign or into next months depending on the time frame. This way, I actually act on the tips that others have taken the time to write down and also have the time to develop them depending on the client’s needs and/or budget.

Every week, I go through the Monthly Plans and pick out the projects I need to do for that week – once completed, they are written up in Raven Tasks so I can include them in the monthly reports for that particular client. It might sound a bit of a faff but it’s a system that works for me.

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  1. henry  December 5, 2011

    thanks for sharing. I am exploring the better SEO tools available to manage multiple projects. I will explore more on Evernote and Raven tool and see it is my best fit.

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