Social Media

Social Media Marketing is totally different than traditional marketing, even online marketing. You are not selling your business, you are creating relationships through communities which presents a fantastic opportunity to expand your online exposure and brand awareness.

An online community of Twitter or Facebook users can make or break your business with their iPhones, iPads and Android phones and your company may be getting hundreds of good or bad reviews without you even knowing it. A strong Social Media strategy can help you build a positive presence and increase your potential customer base as well as address any reputation management issues.

WindowBox Media can:

* Make your Web site friendly from a social media linking perspective and optimise your website’s content & assets so they are readily available to social media sites

* Set up and/or populate your social media accounts with the people you want to target, and get them interested in you.

* Actively and consistently promote, distribute and share your site’s assets to social networking platforms and communities

* Monitor your online profile, and any good or bad press surrounding your business.

Contact us today to discuss our social media packages.

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