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It’s been a really great weekend to be an SEO in the North, as I didn’t have too far to travel to the fantastic ThinkVisibility conference in Leeds yesterday. On only its second outing, it attracted some kickass speakers from the world of SEO, PPC and affliate marketing and gave me the chance to meet some fellow  Twitterers in person. I went as part of the Bronco contingent and it soon become clear how much Dave Naylor was going to be missed as he couldn’t attend – I think I heard his name mentioned at least 300 times during the day (some of the comments were even complimentary……LOL).

We registered pretty early which meant we got the first of the fresh coffee – and it also gave us the chance to meet of the other attendees before the presentations started. It was encouraging to see how many had travelled quite a way just to be there.

First up on stage was an old friend of Bronco, Joost de Valk, who gave a very entertaining and informative talk on WordPress Optimisation. I’ve long been a fan of his blog and it was a  real treat to hear his new ideas and thoughts in person. He’s a very engaging speaker and was the perfect guest to kick off the day. Next up was Julian Sambles from the Daily Telegraph who took us through the changes he’d implemented at the paper to bring it into the digital age. His trousers rocked. The very wonderful Judith Lewis then took the stage for her presentation on Universal Search. I first saw Judith speak at SMX New York last year and her talk yesterday was just as enlightening – especially the ‘off mike ‘ bits…..(and she was very gracious when my phone went off even though Joost grassed me up..haha)

Anthony & David schmooze with Joost

Anthony & David schmooze with Joost

Lunch was a bit of a crush and as we found ourselves right at the back of the very long queue, we popped out to get some fresh air and a sandwich. Stopping out longer than we thought (so Anthonycould admire the local female student population) we unfortunately missed the first part of the panel which was a real shame as it was a lot of fun.

The afternoon brought many different presentations and I choose the three I thought I’d learn the most from. The first, from Paul Robinson was about using data and science to find out about your current and potential customers. It was probably a little more over my head than I’d like to admit but it got me thinking which is a good start no? The second, from Tim Nash, was all about the value of links (and NOT about link building, oh no). It was fab and I could have sat through another hour of it to be honest. Tim took some time after to answer a question and also forgave me for not making the pre-conference presentation on Friday. The last talk I attended was from Zoe Piper on utilising the Adwords Content Network and it was packed full of info, suggestions – and LOLcats. Apparently it was Zoe’s first speaking gig but you wouldn’t have known that as she came across as very confident and with a real passion for her subject.

Unfortunately, work beckoned so I wasn’t able to stick around to see Artur Ortega’s excellent presentation on Accessibilty or for Drink Visibility but I hear that both were a success. All in all it was a fantastic day and many thanks go to Dom for all his hard work. Roll on Think Visibility 3!

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  1. Joost de Valk  September 13, 2009

    Hey Carla, it was great to meet you and thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Carla  September 13, 2009

    Great to meet you too :-)

  3. Joost de Valk  September 13, 2009

    Just noticed, but today’s free SEO tip: disable paged comments :)

  4. Judith Lewis  September 14, 2009

    Hi! It was great to meet you and thank you so much for the great review 😀 The off-mike bits are always best 😉

  5. David Whitehouse  September 14, 2009

    I especially liked the chocolates Judith provided :)

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