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After a quiet few months (although I’m sure there was an awful lot going on behind the scenes), Twitter has rolled out some neat new features. Following the Facebook model of showing follower information, Twitter has introduced ‘Who to Follow’, ‘Followed by’ & ‘You both follow’ data so you can see at a glance which followers you share with another Tweeter.

The ‘Who to follow’ feature is the most noticeable as it appears on the main web page. It’s good and I’ve follow a few of the suggestions but it does have an annoying habit of showing the same people I’ve already hidden (and in a couple of cases have blocked).

Clicking on ‘View All’ brings up further suggestions with a little more information including the Bio and who they are followed by. This is a really nice feature and shows you at a glance who would be a good account to follow.

A further confirmation of who is following who is shown on the profile page of the Twitter account. Twitter is showing me a few people that Glen is followed by and also who we both follow.

I think the new features will be pretty handy. It’s good to have a bit more information about legitimate account when there’s so many spammy ones about. It also combines some of the better suggestion features of LinkedIn and Facebook which can only be a good thing. Let’s just hope we see a bit less of this in the future……

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