What is wrong with Twitter????

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After the ‘accept’ shenanigans of earlier this week, I’ve been keeping an eye on my Twitter followers to see if any other strange things happen and it looks like I’ve started to follow people I’ve previously deleted, or I don’t want to follow, have never wanted to follow or have in fact blocked once for being sodding annoying!!

I checked yesterday and I seemed to pick up 5 new followers that I had no knowledge of so I deleted them and had a bit of a clean out of others too. Then I noticed my follower numbers were up again this morning and lo and behold I find myself following @johnchow and @jonathanvolk. I did used to follow both of these accounts in the past but stopped as there was just too much noise from John Chow and Jonathan Volk kept sending highly annoying DMs about internet marketing offers (so I blocked him).

For the record, I’m not using any third party software that allows people to follow me if I follow them and I’ve changed my password since last week so I don’t understand how this is happening?? All I know is I’ll block any account that forces me to follow them.

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  1. Spunky Jones  August 11, 2010

    I usually do a lot of house cleaning with the people who follow me. It doesn’t make any sense to follow thousands of people and not communicate with them. Therefore, I follow a small group of people related to my niche.

    Occasionally, I will reach out to chat. If there don’t respond back after three attempts, I delete from my list.

    If you follow thousands of people on Twitter, there is no way that you can keep up with them. I think people are too carried away with chasing numbers, much like people who chase backlinks.

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