What To Look For in a PPC Agency

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What To Look For in a PPC Agency
By Carla Marshall

If you have decided to commit to a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign, then to ensure the quality of your ads and conversion success, it pays to work with an experienced PPC Agency.

Some smaller businesses prefer to run a PPC campaign themselves. If this is the case then it’s essential you participate in a Pay Per Click training session and learn the basic to advanced techniques required to run a rewarding campaign.



It’s usually the case that most experienced, successful Pay Per Click Agencies offer training too. If the agency you are interested in offers training, then this is a good sign that this agency is a highly competent specialist in the field and is also of good character – as in, they want to you to perform well with your campaign whether they are being paid to run it or not.

If you have a large website and understand that your PPC campaign will require an expert then consider the following when hiring an agency;

  • Look for Google Advertising Professionals, these are those who have sat an exam to qualify as a PPC/Adwords specialist.
  • Determine how experienced the agency is. How long have they worked in this industry? The longer the better.
  • Is the agency PPC only, sometimes it’s beneficial for you if they also specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as they are more likely to know how your website will perform under a PPC campaign and have the skills to optimise if necessary.
  • Check testimonials. A successful PPC Agency ought to be willing to advertise their previous campaigns. If other large companies have experienced success, then that’ s a good sign.
  • Work with someone who understands and appreciates your brand.
  • Always choose an agency that you communicate well with. If you like your PPC specialist, your half way towards a successful campaign. This combined with their experience and competence should bring you the results you want to see.


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