Why is Video so important for SEO?

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Why is Video so important for SEO?

Why has video become such an important part of SEO? Why have so many companies decided to use interactive video to upgrade the static content on their websites and blogs? Most importantly, why has video become such a vital tool for companies looking to increase their site’s relevance and authority? In order to answer these questions, think of how video can educate users, how it distinguishes a site’s content and ultimately, how video can engage an audience like few mediums can. Interactive video allows websites and blogs to showcase their content by putting their own unique spin on their product & service offering.

So why has video become so important in SEO? The answer lies in the changes to Google’s algorithm in 2011.  In effort to limit the impact of content farms, and other similar sites that try to influence search results through keyword stuffing, Google unveiled a series of dramatic changes under the banner of “Panda”. Granted, Google changes their algorithm daily, but Panda had an especially huge impact on organic search. They pointed to the importance of having content that engages, educates and incentivizes users to stay on a company’s website. While the overall aim was to improve search results, the consequences were far more severe for webmasters. Panda has changed how content is valued – and there’s no going back.




Today’s content must engage its audience, and nothing does that better than video. After all, it’s your video. You put it together how you want. You can make that video as unique and as informative as it needs to be, and you can ensure that its title and subject matter match your site’s keyword focused content. The longer your visitors stay on your site, the lower your site’s bounce rate and consequently, the higher your site’s “stickiness”. Consider it a constant feedback loop, one where each visit to your site is maximized. More time spent on an individual page increases the value of that page, and means your visitor is more likely to investigate your site further.

Video works today because it aims to provide users with an inside view into your site and what it has to offer. If structured properly, your video can be focused around your site’s unique value proposition. Video SEO can also help to promote the content, especially if the content includes those keywords most sought after by your potential customers in online searches. The title of the video is everything, but the content within the video speaks volumes!

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  1. Anthony  January 20, 2012

    You should have put this in a video! You could have featured your Cat in the video to, like Matt Cutts.

  2. Carla Marshall  January 23, 2012

    Ha, I’m so doing that for the next one Ant.

  3. Forbes Burton  November 6, 2012

    Great little article, I’m almost constantly looking to maintain high SEO working for a smaller company we have to fight some heavyweight competition just to get heard.

    (might I also point out.. this was the #1 hit on the Google search I did!)

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